First Peoples’ Assembly of Victoria

The First Peoples’ Assembly of Victoria will be the voice of Aboriginal people in Victoria in the future treaty process.

It will be independent of government.

It will be made up of traditional owners, elected by Aboriginal people in Victoria and Victorian traditional owners living outside the state. 

It will be set up in 2019.

It will not negotiate a treaty.

Instead, it will work with the State of Victoria to prepare for treaty negotiations.

This includes:

  • A Treaty Authority - an 'independent umpire' in the negotiation process
  • A negotiation framework - this will set out 'ground rules' for example, what is on and off the negotiating table, and who can negotiate
  • A self-determination fund - this will support Aboriginal communities to be on an even playing field with government when treaties are being negotiated

Elders will ensure the Assembly is culturally accountable to the Victorian Aboriginal community.

Since 2016 the Assembly was known as the Aboriginal Representative Body (ARB). This was a placeholder name. It was replaced with the Assembly name in February 2019. 

To get in touch, please email: or call us on 1800 TREATY (1800 78 32 89).