We're taking your feedback on board

The Treaty Advancement Commission is working on 3 key areas, after receiving more than 40 submissions on the proposed Aboriginal Representative Body model. 

This will inform the creation of the Representative Body, which will be the voice for Aboriginal people through the next phase of the treaties process.

The Representative Body will set up the Treaty Negotiation Framework, which will determine who can negotiate treaties and what is on the table.

The 3 areas being analysed are: 

  • Voting options for Victorian traditional owners living interstate. 

    We know it's important for people with connections to Country in Victoria to be able to participate in the Representative Body elections. 

    This includes people whose Country extends beyond Victoria's borders. 
  • Setting the most suitable voting regions. 

    The Commission is considering whether we can improve the voting regions we proposed. 
  • Support for traditional owner groups to be eligible for a reserved seat. 

    Some community members have discussed alternative ways for traditional owner groups to be eligible for a reserved seat, while also respecting existing recognition that has taken decades to achieve. 

You can get more information on the feedback we received, and the work we're now doing, in this report.

The Commission will set up the Representative Body in 2019. 

We'll continue conversations with the community - and key groups - on these and other issues that have been raised.