Job opportunity - Polling Officers required

Short‐term roles are available for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples living in Victoria to work as Polling Officers with the election provider for the First Peoples' Assembly of Victoria elections.

Roles are available in locations across Victoria during the in‐person voting period of the First Peoples’ Assembly of Victoria elections; from Monday 30th September to Sunday 13th October 2019.

Successful applicants will receive training and resources, and will then be required to:

  1. Issue ballot papers to voters, and mark off peoples’ name as having voted
  2. Watch and protect ballot boxes and ballot papers at the polling venues
  3. Identify voters that require assistance
  4. Direct voters to relevant enrolment, voting and exit points
  5. Reconcile and account for any issues with ballot papers
  6. Assist counting votes and other associated activities when polling is finished.

The election provider will pay above award wages, travel, training and food allowance to successful applicants. Prior elections or governance experience is very useful but not required.

If you are interested, please contact Linda Manning on 9419 7216 or free call 1800 224 420. 

To enrol to vote in these Assembly elections, go to