Updated: Commissioner confirms Portland details

Updated: The Treaty Advancement Commissioner, Jill Gallagher AO is inviting the Portland community for a yarn about treaty in mid-June.

"I want to hear about community's aspirations for treaty or treaties," said the Commissioner.

"It's so important community is at the heart of the treaty journey, and that community knows the facts," said Ms Gallagher.

  • Learn about the journey to treaty
  • Get the facts about the future Aboriginal Representative Body
  • Make your mark on history with the possum skin cloak
  • Get your treaty tshirt

Community will be able to vote in elections for the Aboriginal Representative Body, which will set the 'ground rules' for negotiations.

It will be made up of traditional owners. Elections will likely be held in early 2019.

Community gathering details:

  • When: Friday June 15, 11 AM - 1 PM
  • Where: Ngootyoong Mara Centre, 90 Julia Street, Portland


This information was updated on May 25, with more details about the time and location of the event.