Treaty process to date


  • February: Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews commits the government to discussing treaty.
  • April: Self-Determination Forums were held across Victoria.
  • May: The first Aboriginal Victoria Forum was held.
  • July: The Aboriginal Treaty Working Group was established to develop options for an Aboriginal representative body, through consultation with the Aboriginal community.
  • November: Phase 1 of community consultations about the design of the representative body.
  • December: The second Aboriginal Victoria Forum was held, to report on community consultations.


  • March: Phase 2 of community consultations about the design of the Representative Body.
  • April: The third Aboriginal Victoria Forum was held to report back on the second phase of community consultations.
  • November - December: The Community Assembly was held to resolve key details.
  • December: Jill Gallagher was appointed Victorian Treaty Advancement Commissioner.


  • January: Victorian Treaty Advancement Commission was established 
  • March: The Treaty Working Group released the report on the design of the representative body (incorporating recommendations of the Community Assembly)
  • April - September: The Commission team held conversations with communities across Victoria.  
  • July: Advancing the Treaty Process with Aboriginal Victorians Bill 2018 passes parliament
  • September: The Commission released a proposed representative body model, and held a Statewide Gathering as part of a feedback process.

    The Commission also held an Elders Forum to promote discussion about an Elders Voice within the representative body. 
  • October: Feedback on the proposed model closes.